Learn-ability : The Key Competency for Future-Proofing Your Talent

It is a well-known fact that we have almost arrived at the future that was once only speculated of. Automation and AI have elevated the potential of our future to a pedestal much higher than what was set by our minds a couple of decades ago. The world has changed ten-fold and there is still scope for more with limitless innovations happening at the speed of light.

Through all this, every business needs to be well prepared for its survival and success in the digital future. Being digitally-ready relies on one key factor for any organization:

The ability of the organization to Unlearn – Learn – Unlearn.

This is the mechanism that would enable organizations to future-proof themselves in the face of rapid changes in the marketplace. Digital Transformation is all about the competencies that organizations can build rapidly; and how quickly it responds to the collaborative changes in the business. The future is for those with the ability to Learn, Act, Check, and Adapt faster than their competition or market expectation. For an organization to be successful in its digital journey, it needs to exhibit one Key trait above all:


We define “Learn-ability” as the ability to not only be able to learn quickly but most importantly the ability to unlearn at the same speed if not faster.

The presence of this core competency, amongst others, is crucial for digital transformation to be accepted in the true sense.

If your employees, regardless of role, score low on this trait, it would be extremely difficult to adapt and grow as an organization. Your talent needs to be ready to develop and improve their skills & competencies continuously.

Learning is not a one-time activity nor is it bound by a fixed format.

Your team needs to be ready to develop and improve their skills, adapt through change effectively, and have an unquenchable hunger for learning new things and taking initiatives proactively.

Implementing “Talent-Focus” regimes in organizations helps the business in multiple ways. You can help build a learning mindset in your team members in many ways. One start point could be by assessing your existing staff and setting up learning forums or mentorship sessions that can address competency gaps amongst employees, based on personalized Learning Journeys. Digital transformation is not only about improving the customer experience, it focuses equally, if not more on Employee Experience. Organizations that succeed in effective future-proofing are the ones that create an environment where talent has the opportunity to become a part of competency-based development and learning model that boosts the agility of the overall business.

94% of employees say they would stay at a company longer if it invested in their learning and development. - LinkedIn Learning

When your employees are ready and willing to shape their personalities in such a manner, rapid change in technology does not derail or slow the business. Instead, the teams harness the competencies to learn and can adapt and adopt at a faster pace. Honing such competencies and encouraging them ensures that your team is ready to accept any challenge and can easily hit any curveball the digital world throws at them straight out of the park!

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