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We partner with organizations to create digital strategies, conduct digital maturity assessments, drive agile at scale, capability build, and pivot to new ways of working

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Digital World is becoming the Norm

Recent years have seen an acceleration of Digital Adoption, with more and more customers preferring digital over traditional. In response to this, companies across industries are pivoting their operations around digital. To this end, digital transformation consulting provides us with better interoperability, increased market opportunities, more agility, productivity improvement and the ability to effectively implement a business strategy.

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Our Team

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, signs pointed to an increasing need to extend efforts regarding digital enablement, such as data-driven insights, business process automation or service portal integration, to banking employees. While great strides in automation and multichannel customer journeys were being made, it became more apparent that people will still play an important part in delivering digital services.

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Greyamp’s Approach To Transformation

We work closely with our clients to develop customised strategic roadmaps during transformation consulting. Our initiatives and projects are designed to maximize impact, improve alignment, and create business value. Our Transformation services utilize automation and data to simplify processes, business rules, and operations into a streamlined solution that speeds up transformation and sharpens the focus on customers and employees. Our team specializes in full digital transformation for large enterprises and fast growing start-ups.

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Digital Strategy

We prioritize data and technology to augment business productivity, developing new products, innovative business models, or streamlining existing processes. We closely work with the leaders and relevant stakeholders in making sure that the strategy comes to fruition.


Organization Digital Maturity Assessment

Businesses that are more digitally advanced have an edge over their competitors in various areas, such as sales growth, speed to market, cost-effectiveness, product quality, and customer satisfaction.Our proprietary framework evaluates your digital maturity and lets you know where you stand and also the next steps to reach the next level of maturity.


Agile at

You can count on us to respond to the market changes, work effectively, and serve your customers better. Using agile ways of working, we scale responsiveness, speed, and reliability. Our consultants can provide the guidance and resources you need to make your transformation successful.


Way Of Working

At Greyamp, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to business productivity. Rather, the 'right' way of working looks different from company to company, depending on factors like sector, size, and structure. With our team of experienced consultants, we will help you identify the processes and resources that will work best for your organization, ensuring that your transition to new ways of working is both productive and value-creating.


"We had just finished the first product release when Greyamp came in with a mandate to operationalise Agile at large scale with new product launches on the horizon. The framework of Continuous Development and Continuous Improvement was implemented at scale. Greyamp supported us through this phase of our transformation working with the leadership team to keep the momentum on the planning and forward thinking. They definitely helped us bridge the Strategy to Execution gap and bring our key talent up to speed on the ways of working and the delivery of services"

Satisfied client at Piramal

Sunit Madan

Chief Operating Officer, Piramal

"Greyamp showed us what the ideal state should be and took us through what the acceptable state would be for us, an optimised, pragmatic approach in this journey. Transformation was a long journey - we had to change the processes, along with the mindset of the people. We had to become a software company, from being a bank, with the capability of adopting Agile Principles. Greyamp helped us in this journey"

Satisfied client at Piramal

Karim Siregar

Chief Information Officer, BTPN

"Greyamp helped us initially with the Agile Coaching and Training. When the journey got challenging, they worked with us to plan the New Way of Working, and the journey that followed moving from IT to other areas marketing and operations"

Satisfied client at Piramal

Peterjan Van Nieuwenhuizen

Head Digital Banking, Jenius BTPN

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