90 Day Delivery Cycle - Seamless transition to New Way of Working

The 90 Days Delivery cycle is designed to help transition teams from an earlier waterfall way of working to the new Agile Way of Working. The focus here would be to achieve the following -

                         - Shorten the delivery and deployment cycle times

                         - Build early feedback into the process

                         - Make the process incremental & iterative

                         - Introduce and establish the new roles needed like PO, SM etc

                         - Establish the single team concept across all core roles

To achieve this, any early adopter team would start their Agile Journey, by first moving to a 90-day development and delivery cycle. This cycle would start with Release Inception - where the scope for the 90-day cycle is agreed on, measures of success set, prioritised backlog and release plan and end with deployment to production

The 90-Day Delivery Cycle is defined across 3 stages -

1. Inception

To define the scope and detail the requirements in a product backlog and a release plan, followed by 85 days of development, testing and deployment culminating in the delivery of the Working Software

2. Development

This would be days 6-90, which would entail the entire delivery cycle, with incremental and iterative development of the software

3. Testing & Deployment

This would be days 6-90, which would entail the testing and deployment of the software across the various environments up till production. As can be seen from the overlap, the Development, Testing and Deployment (up till Production) are happening in parallel in a Value Creation Sprint.

The focus of this Agile Playbook is to detail the underlying Agile Principles, Values and Practices, that make up the 90-days delivery cycle

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