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Why DevOps Consulting?

Digitization is sweeping across many industries, creating an unparalleled demand for companies to innovate, experiment, and deliver capabilities faster. Increasing speed and agility isn’t just a desire—it’s imperative for survival. You need to adopt a more flexible and efficient approach to software delivery—one that eliminates the barriers and exploits the dependencies between development and operations. And for that, you can adopt a DevOps culture.

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of organizations operating at the highest security level have also reached an advanced stage of DevOps.
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of organizations say their company is very successful at rapid software development and deployment
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of enterprises say organizational silos are a challenge to delivering value to the market faster
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say DevOps advisory helped them produce higher quality deliverables
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Run Your DevOps With Ease

Greyamp offers you a unified console for DevOps automation and management. By aligning strategy and execution, we help clients with digital transformation, scale with flexibility, and create a digital customer experience. With our Devops implementation services, you can get

integration devops automation
Integrated DevOps automation

Easily run your build/deployment automation (CI/CD), create blueprints, and manage your entire DevOps lifecycle with just a few clicks.

customizeable and scalable infrastructure for devops
Customizable and scalable infrastructure for DevOps

Supports any infrastructure - from Containers to VMs to bare metal. Let our devops consulting experts find the best solution for you!

Cloud-agnostic and shift left with ease

Build your architecture to utilize everything open source technologies and portable components have to offer

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DevOps Journey

We map your DevOps journey across the following levels of change

Driving collaborative ways of working and implementing the "shift left" culture

Frameworks and standards defined clearly
Automated builds, deployment and test automation
Build the right team with maximum visibility and proper metrics in place

Scaling automation across units enabling frequent reliable releases to production

Innovate how applications are deployed and managed constantly
Deliver technology enabled transformation programs using a platform-based architecture
Optimise systems to increase productivity, quality and drive revenue

Independent deployments and driving business agility through speed & reliability

Dynamic & Static Analysis Security Testing
Open APIs and Cloud Agnostic Code. Self-Healing Infrastructure
"One-Click" continuous deployment to production

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Measure of Success

We prioritize just four metrics to measure the effectiveness of your DevOps organization—two to measure speed, and two to measure stability. We also rate your overall practice effectiveness, and baseline your organization’s performance against DORA industry benchmarks, and determine whether you’re an Elite, High, Medium or Low performer.

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DevOps “Pyramid of Impact”
devops - pyramid of impact
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