Learning Organization - Creating a Culture of Innovation

A Learning Organization nurtures a culture of continuous unlearning and relearning, through individual-driven, hyper-connected efforts towards achieving a shared vision, among its people. What this does for the organization is that it allows for faster innovation and better overall agility in responding to the changing market demand.

In our experience, leaders of organizations that are looking to sustain, know that they need to shift their focus towards building agility within, but where they struggle is in actually bringing this into effect. How does one mobilize every individual within the organization into learning for the sake of better business and eventually customer value being delivered?

To address this question, we need organizations to fundamentally challenge their assumptions and preconceptions around what their people are motivated by and what they need to be driven towards. Individuals today look for work environments where they are allowed to experiment, innovate, try new things, and face challenges, knowing that they have support systems in place that enable them to develop themselves along the way. People are inherently looking to be given the chance to learn, share, collaborate, debate, and communicate for their benefit and mastery.

This, coupled with a sense of ownership instilled in them through the distributed decision making and an agile organization structure, builds within your organization a pool of leaders at various levels. These leaders gain recognition and trust not through their title or position, but their contribution and knowledge. Leaders identified in this manner are not only gratified by the sense of achievement that accompanies the recognition and success but also become role models for others in the organization, showing them that continuously adapting and performing is critical to the organization and hence will be nurtured.

Simply put, a Learning Organization keeps the focus on the individual within the organization, building an environment for them to innovate, recognizing their contribution to the overall organization’s vision through their contribution.

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