4 Ways to Motivate and Inspire Your Workforce

Having been a part of multiple transformation projects on one hand, and also hiring for our organization, we have come across numerous, talented, inquisitive, frustrated people out there looking for something they can’t define.

Conversations and interviews almost always converge around two sets of asks:

Set 1:

“I want to be able to learn”/ “I can’t learn any more at my current role”

“I’m looking for something to challenge me”

“I want more responsibility”/ “I am expected to just follow orders”

“I want my opinions to matter”/ “I’d like an environment where my voice is heard”

Set 2:

“My organization is changing at the management level and there’s too much uncertainty”

“The project was shut down”

“I didn’t get the bonus I expected”/ “I was passed up for a promotion”

Now between the two sets, the ones who ask are from or similar to the statements in Set 1 are often more endearing to HR and people who are part of the interviewing process. So how is it that we hire people who want to be challenged and improve, but aren’t able to retain them or effectively make them work for us?

What needs to change is to provide an environment to recognise and nurture talent and focus on their interests – your people joined you for a reason and are ready to work for the organisation’s benefit.

What they need for this is,

1) Clear visibility on the impact of their contribution to the larger team and organization

2) An environment of openness, where they can communicate, interact, challenge assumptions, and build relations

3) An opportunity and encouragement to learn and innovate Seeing that their aspirations tie into the organisation’s plan for them

4) To have the autonomy to make decisions for which they have the necessary information and control

While this is easier said than done, to attract and retain the best talent for you, they should feel the need to stay with you.

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