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Vision :
Champion the digital agenda for impactful leaders and create "Super Talent" to amplify mindful change for the betterment of the larger society

Mission :
Transform the way people interact, work, learn, grow and contribute, enabling them to continuously tinker & evolve
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Our Values
Create Impact
We make a positive and worthwhile contribution to personal development, clients and the business. For us, it's all about doing meaningful work with focused outcomes
Courage and Consideration
We stand up for what is right and dare to face failures, learn and bounce back to achieve the goals. We express ourselves without inhibitions, while being considerate to others
People - Focused
We build and maintain a friendly and positive, synergistic and dependable team culture that genuinely values and appreciates diversity to achieve common goals
Strive for Excellence
We consistently deliver high-quality work and achieve goals, accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm
Foster Curiosity
We have the ability to continuously learn and enhance contribution by seeking opportunities to develop new capabilities, skills and knowledge
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Our Team
Preethi madhu
Hirdesh Arora
Hirdesh boasts over a decade of experience in leading intricate projects and driving agile transformations at scale with large organizations
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Preethi madhu
Preethi Madhu
A business leader with over 20+ years of working with leaders and CXO’s, enabling them to drive digital disruption and transformations.
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Preethi madhu
Madhu Lakshmanan
Hands-on sales leader with 20 years experience in Europe, Africa, US and SEA markets. Scaled and managed growth across BFSI, IT solutions.
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Preethi madhu
Bhaskar Jaukpalli
A Talent professional with 5+ years of experience in Hiring and Talent Management
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Ananthapadmanabhan R
AP has over 20 years of experience in Software Engineering, DevOps, Cloud and Infrastructure Management
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Arvindh Kumar
A dynamic professional with experience of 4+ years in Sales & Marketing in the B2B space.
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Nidhi Mittal
Result Oriented Full Stack developer with a knack for conceptualizing and delivering elegant, user-friendly solutions efficiently.
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Santosh Bachar
A Full Stack Developer with an affinity for backend development.
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Anna Pauly
A Talent enthusiast interested in the field of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.
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Gaurav Deshpande
A consultant with 3+ years of experience in Information Technology Sector, specifically helping insurance companies in their transformation journey.
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Abhishek Kar
Software developer with 5+ years of experience in working across various domains like telecom, banking and internet security
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