The power of Agile Delivery in Business Transformation

Most Industries today are disrupted by what is commonly come to be known as the FAGMAN - Facebook | Apple | Google | Microsoft | Amazon | Netflix - between them, they have practically changed the expected Customer Experiences across the board - whether it is how we shop, connect, interact, consume content or use infrastructure. It is not any surprise that the consumers are now expecting similar ease of use and experience with any and all brands they interact with, be it in banking, insurance, healthcare or education.

FinTechs and InsurTech's on the other hand are constantly challenging the status quo through new offerings, engagements and experiences.

This means that to thrive in such a market, one needs to focus on two aspects that are closely interlinked -

                             a. Creating new Customer Experiences through Digital Products/Platforms & Eco-systems

                             b. Transforming the Way of Working, that is based on Agile Principles, Value and Approaches

One must always identify clearly why and what are the key drivers propelling or fuelling the Digital Shift for you and how would you define your Digital Ambitions?

In our experience, you could choose from one or more of the mentioned outcomes here that align with your business needs and goals

As you build agility and drive an effective and collaborative Way of Working, you would need to eventually measure the success of the transformation program or the Digital Shift w.r.t the Business Outcomes mentioned here

Engagement - Customer Centric:

Innovation - Rapid Experiments:

Time to Market - Continuous Delivery of Value:

Reliability - System & Function:

To understand more about the various maturity levels of an organisation going through the Digital Shift and how you can establish the relevant metrics and start your journey from your current state to the desired state, refer to the Maturity & Measurement of Organisation Agility

Note: 90 Day Delivery Cycle

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