Agile Values - Building blocks for successful implementation of Agile Way of Working

While following and applying the principles in the way we work, we should also remember the underlying values that are essential to the successful implementation of the Agile Way of Working and being

The Manifesto is also Supported by 4 Agile Values that are Integral to any team that adopts Agility

           1. Communication

           2. Feedback

           3. Simplicity

           4. Courage

💡 Communication leads to valuable Feedback which encourages Simplicity that enables the Courage to Change.

These values were taken from the XP (eXtreme Programming) methodology and are based on enabling Communication both within and across the teams and stakeholders, that would lead to giving and receiving feedback that would be valuable in encouraging simplicity in our solutions, design and quality thereby build the Courage for the teams to drive the changes needed. When change is simple, the courage needed to change is also easy. These build the mindset needed to be responsive and nimble as a team and organisation

While one understands the core of agile and what drives the various practices and techniques, the key question one needs to ask oneself and the team when embarking on the journey to adopt agile as your way of working is -

Why do you want to adopt the Agile Way of Working? What do you want to achieve?

The answer to this question should guide how and what you will adopt across the various process and practices

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