Agile - The path to Digital Success

The Agile approach is defined by its commitment to creating and delivering valuable software to the market continuously. While we might not be able to Continuously Deliver to the market one must achieve delivery at least at regular intervals.

In the traditional waterfall approach to software delivery, the developers start developing the product only once all the business requirements are understood, clarified, documented and signed off. The users and/or stakeholders see the software only at the end when the complete development and testing of the same have been done.

In today's context, Agility is needed for organisations, as they respond to a highly competitive, digital-driven market, with high consumer expectations, shaped by their experiences using FAGMAN (Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix).

To achieve this transformation one relies hugely on two aspects

                 a. Creating new Customer Experiences through Digital Products/Platforms & Eco-systems

                 b. Transforming the Way of Working, that is based on Agile Principles, Value and Approaches

To understand this Way of Working, it is good to start from the genesis of Agile itself, so we understand the "Why", and "What" before we jump into the "How" .

Ensure to get an understanding of the Manifesto, followed by the Principles and Values of Agile.

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