Case Study
Rapid Experimentation with Digital Teams for Lean Pivoting, at a Bank in Jakarta
Project Overview
A business unit within a large Bank, that had a need for rapid experimentation and validation of business ideas in the market wanted to create a cross functional digital team to achieve the same.
While the IT teams had gone agile, the business teams were still working in functional siloes
Ideas were directly going into development without being validated which caused a lot of churn in the requirements and lack of clarity
The IT and Business teams were not aligned in terms of what success meant for the initiative
There was no Shared Vision for the entire team to rally around
Unified Digital team working towards the shared outcome
Faster pivot when experiments fail to understand Market needs. New business cases were tested and underwent pivots thrice in a span of 3-4 months, to identify one successful model
No large investment (time, or resources) in IT development without the business case validated
More clarity on where and on what to invest
Solutions Provided
Digital Squads comprising of cross functional business and technology teams
Initiatives clearly defined, and expected outcomes identified during the inception
Defined a scalable and repeatable process and practices for customer centricity
JIRA for dashboards, visibility & single source of truth
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