Case Study
Launching a Digital Bank in Record Time in Taiwan - Rolled out MVP in 8 months
Project Overview
One of the prominent banks in Taiwan wanted to build a digital bank that would disrupt the market. This was a huge ask as we needed to change the way of working within the bank to a rapid iterative one. The bank wanted to become more outcome-driven which was fueled by early feedback and customer-centric product development design.
Aligning the entire team to a common purpose
Tight timelines and high delivery pressure
High Reputation risk if the launch did not go right
Getting the initial buy-in from leadership, as they were new to agile
Establishing effective communication channels within the org and vendor partners
MVP of product rolled out within 8 months
Successfully captured the market and continues to be one of the top apps in the Taiwan market
Enabled effective communications for early feedback to establish business value
Built a working relationship with the vendor partner based on agile tenets of working
Solutions Provided
Worked with the team to bring them up to establish the “Way of Working” based on Agile principles
Integrated the delivery process with the vendor partners, working as a Single Team, till ”Go-Live”
Adaptive Planning to maximize business value while working with constraints
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