Case Study
Building a Learning Organization - 40% Improvement in Competency
Project Overview
A foreign exchange commercial bank needed to build robust Digital Talent to support its transformation journey. They needed a solution that will cultivate a continuous process of learning in the organization.
Build a sustainable model for continued in-house digital talent development to become self-reliant
Building the learn-ability muscle to create a resilient workforce that is capable of picking up new things and pace the learning
40% -> 6 Academy's rolled out over 24 months, churning out over 150 graduates. Covered over 5 programming languages and DevOps concepts. Measured and showcased a 40% increase in the overall competency.
30% -> Demonstrated a visible 30% reduction in time to launch.
20 -> Enabled over 20 internal trainers for continuity. The program is now being sustained internally with support when required.
Solutions Provided
The solution crafted was a "Digital Academy" program. The program was designed to be an extensive 16-week course.
The first 8 weeks were run as "Academy" - classroom sessions with hands-on training. This covered best practices in Coding, Agile Programing, Pair Programming. TDD in the languages and technologies that were chosen for the batch.
The second 8 weeks was the "Enablement" Phase where the students would join a live project as a team member and start contributing there
The students were measured on their learning and how well they apply their skills on the ground.
To make this scalable, we introduced a "Trainer" Bootcamp to help train senior graduates to become the faculty along with our trainers.
Our organization and process design was tweaked to support this Academy Program, helping absorb the graduates from this academy into various workstreams
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