Case Study
Enabling a team of DevOps Engineers to manage the entire Digital Banking Platform
Project Overview
A large bank in Indonesia wanted to build a complete Digital Banking Platform. For that, they needed to enable Agile and DevOps practices among their IT teams. The objective was to demonstrate how cross functional teams can inculcate DevOps and agile practices to deliver business-critical software and based on the lessons learned, spread the culture across the IT group.
Traditional bank IT - Ops and Dev not co-located
No real world experience of DevOps or Continuous Delivery.
Manual steps for system setup, every server was a work of art. No Version Control for system-level changes. Despite using the latest tools and tech,  it would take days to do even a minor update or hotfix. This made the whole platform highly unstable.
10 DevOps Engineers handling the complete PaaS that supports 20+ Digital and non-Digital Banking Products.
Cross-Functional Team - Everyone knows everything. No Silos of Devs or Ops.
Core Group that works as the DevOps enablers for the rest of the Bank IT
Solutions Provided
Mentoring & Pairing with a complete fresh bunch of developers & sys-admins while implementing the solution
Coordinating multiple business & ops teams spread across different Banking domains
Identify talent in the Bank who can contribute to the community
DevOps Academy Training for graduates hired by the Bank
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