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Role Overview

At Greyamp, our Marketers are the architects of our brand, shaping its identity and conveying the essence of Greyamp. They lead the charge with strategies that not only make an impact but define what Greyamp stands for. If you're passionate about leaving a lasting mark in the dynamic world of marketing, this role offers the perfect opportunity for you to shine and make your enduring impact.

Unlock Your Potential with Us

Join our team and embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth. We offer more than just job descriptions – we provide you with the canvas to shape your career into something extraordinary.

Collaborate with like-minded colleagues who are passionate about embracing new approaches and cutting-edge technologies. Together, we'll continuously learn, evolve, and contribute, nurturing your development every step of the way.

Here, we encourage you to push your boundaries, think outside the box, and own your results. We provide the support and opportunities for you to stretch your limits, fostering your curiosity and driving your personal development.

Gain invaluable international exposure as you immerse yourself in cross-cultural environments, broadening your horizons and expanding your global perspective.

At our company, we are committed to embracing thoughtful learning, nurturing curiosity, making a meaningful impact, and relentlessly pursuing excellence. Come join us, and together, we'll craft a brighter future.

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Key Responsibilities

o Research and create diverse marketing content (blogs, case studies, email campaigns).

o Manage social media, execute organic and paid campaigns for increased engagement and brand awareness.

o Establish and implement a marketing calendar aligned with business goals.

o Collaborate with cross-functional teams for effective marketing strategies.

o Develop and execute branding initiatives for brand identity and positioning.

o Conduct market research, analyse trends for growth opportunities.

o Track and analyse campaign performance, make data-driven decisions.

o Build and manage relationships with external partners.

o Develop sales enablement materials (case studies, demos, proposals) for the sales team.

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About Greyamp

Greyamp is a boutique management consulting firm, specialising in Digital Transformation of large organizations and high-growth start-ups.  We enable our clients to transform into more agile, outcome-focused, data-driven, networked, and collaborative organizations that are constantly innovating and delivering value.

Founded in 2015, Greyamp Consulting has successfully architected digital transformation at several large institutions in the BFSI sector across South East Asia and India, including BTPN,  Manulife, Maybank, Piramal, Taishin Bank, and many more.

What We Offer

Become truly “Poly Skilled” : The opportunity to develop a diverse skill set and expertise in various areas & the chance to acquire a broad range of expertise across various domains.

Global Exposure : The chance to work on a global scale, gaining valuable international experience. A platform to engage in international contexts, fostering invaluable cross-cultural experience.

Career Lattice : A dynamic career path that accommodates lateral progression and skill enrichment, alongside vertical growth.

Workplace Diversity : Encouraging a diverse workforce with varied backgrounds and perspectives to drive creativity, innovation, and inclusivity.

Fast-paced work life : An engaging and dynamic work environment that encourages quick decision-making and innovation.

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