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Delivering Meaningful Customer and Business Value with Preethi Madhu, CEO, Greyamp Consulting
Posted on:
09 December 2022

Preethi Madhu is the CEO of the digital transformation consultancy Greyamp Consulting, with 20+ years of experience in helping leadership and CxO roles achieve their digital vision.

In this episode, we talk about how companies should go about making their digital vision a reality and what the most important factors impacting these efforts are. We discuss digital readiness, the digital workforce, the importance of strategizing, the role of leadership, and agility. Preethi brings the discussion home with a couple of client examples that highlight and substantiate these key factors.

  • Digital Readiness : How do we measure it?
  • Building Digital Capabilities : How do we future-proof workforce
  • Digital Strategy
  • Role of Leadership in Digital Transformation
  • Preethi shares few interesting examples from her experience
Preethi's LinkedIn Profile
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“What we see very prevalent in the market is the strategy – execution gap, right? So the strategy is very well defined, very well thought of. A lot of time and effort has gone into it, a lot of money has been spent on it. But by the time it gets into execution, the strategy is completely diluted. Like, nobody has the connect between what I'm executing and what was the strategy.”

Welcome to the Agile Digital Transformation podcast, where we explore different aspects of digital transformation and digital experience with your host, Tim Butara, content and community manager at Agiledrop.

Tim Butara: Hello, everyone. Thanks for tuning in. I'm joined today by Preethi Madhu, CEO of the digital transformation consultancy Greyamp Consulting. In today's episode, we'll be talking about making your company's digital vision a reality, and we'll be taking a look at the most important factors impacting this, with Preethi sharing her first hand insights from her extensive experience of working with renowned firms such as McKinsey, ThoughtWorks, etc. So, Preethi, welcome to the show. It's really great having you with us today. Do you want to add anything to my intro?

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