Digital incubator for a Lebanese bank that wanted to run Rapid Experiments to engage in a new market


To create a differentiated digital offering in its current and new target market by being defined as a self-contained independent Digital Incubator to introduce and experiment with a “Start-up within an Enterprise” model.

Business Challenge:

The most fundamental challenge was to enable and define processes for the Digital Incubator that needed to learn while delivering to high time pressures by applying concepts for lean design and rapid experimentation model. Building the right capabilities and culture that could be used as a model within the bank was another challenge.

Greyamp Solution:

We applied relevant agile process and practices for rapid development and delivery. Training and upskilling the team on the agile way of working to ensure focus on outcomes, across cross-functional teams that delivered value independently, was the key.

Business Outcome:

Established “Way of working” for the incubator team and the iterative cadence to rapidly build and deliver software for early feedback that helped teams deliver value independently.

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