Digital capability building and operational agility for a bank in Jakarta


To extend agility to its entire business by defining team structures and working on-ground with the operational teams of recruitment and HR.

Business Challenge:

The most fundamental challenge was to redefine team structures and work around pre-existing mental models. This could be addressed by applying concepts of agile that are designed for software delivery to a non-delivery teams.

GreyAmp Solution:

We applied agile processes and practices to recruitment to build in visibility and collaboration that led to shifting away from siloed teams to effective cross-functional teams with business and operational representation for recruitment and staffing. The Teams were oriented towards a common goal - identify, nurture & engage the right Talent.

Business Outcome:

Within 3 months of the squad formation, the cross-functional Recruitment, HR & business squad, achieved a record number of offers accepted in a month, compared to the same period in the previous year. We implemented a buddy program for onboarding which led to increased talent engagement.

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