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November 30, 2020
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What people say about us

"Greyamp helped us in enabling and coaching the agile way of working in our company. Their approach is customised to our needs and structured at the same time so we are able to implement it right away. The Greyamp team has been very helpful and responsive, despite of doing the engagement mostly non face to face due to COVID-19. Thanks to Greyamp, we now have momentum going for our agile way of working"

Caroline Utomo

Chief Risk Officer (CRO), Manulife Indonesia

"Greyamp helped us in transforming our organization to new ways of working. Using this new model we were able to mobilize our workforce and now we have everyone driving the project rather than just one single person. Greyamp has a very good team and showcased very high ownership"

Hadi Wibowo

Director of Wow! Business @ BTPN Indonesia

"The Agile WoW training session was a valuable learning for our team. The interactive sessions and breakout groups kept the team engaged. Discussing examples and receiving guidance on real-life situations made the concepts easy to understand and digest. It was truly a beneficial session for everyone who participated. Would highly recommend Greyamp for Agile training"

Junita Hidajat

Head of Credit Risk Unsecured Lending, Commonwealth Bank

"Greyamp showed us what the ideal State should be and took us through what the Acceptable State would be for us, an optimised, pragmatic approach in this journey.Transformation was a long journey - we had to change the processes, along with the mindset of the people. We had to become a software company, from being a Bank, with the capability of adopting Agile Principles. Greyamp helped us in this journey"

Karim Siregar

Chief Information Officer, BTPN

"Greyamp helped us initially with the Agile Coaching and Training. When the journey got challenging, they worked with us to plan the New Way of Working, and the journey that followed moving from IT to other areas marketing and operations"

Peterjan Van Nieuwenhuizen

Head Digital Banking, Jenius BTPN

"We engaged with Greyamp to bring agility in one of our Strategic Ops Transformation Divisions, Greyamp helped us design, define and implement the Agile Way of Working. Together we have been able to solve some challenges pertaining to the Way of Working"

Eugene Tan

Head of Digital Transformation, Allianz Insurance, Malaysia
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