Our Approach

Making the shift towards an outcome-focused, data-driven talent pool, that is self-driven, accountable, and aligned to a common, larger objective.

Amplifying Business Value Through Business Agility

Navigating the Shift Through 4 Stages of Maturity

An organisation typically goes through four distinct stages of maturity before it becomes a truly fluid organisation where information flows freely without being bound by siloes.


During the Ad-hoc stage, organisations operate in siloes, with an autocratic and hierarchical model that promotes only unidirectional information flow. There is high dependency on individuals and structured sequential processes.


As the organisation matures to a clustered stage, we see the beginnings of data-driven reporting, and development of at least novice skills in agile processes and engineering. Even leadership tends to be more supportive, and places emphasis on collaboration and informal mentoring.


Moving to the converged stage is a tough leap as organisations typically struggle with loss of momentum in practice and optimisation in siloes. But at the converged stage, business and technology work as one to drive market outcomes. We see highly disciplined teams and flexible and responsive applications. There is also a high ownership and focus on value delivered.


Moving to a fluid or highly networked stage requires the company to cross a chasm due to the lack of leadership mindset and the attitude towards learnability and innovation. Once they make the leap, processes enable rapid experimentation backed by a high energy, driven and engaged workforce. Leadership drives risk taking in terms of new products and ideas.

Navigating the Shift Through 4 Stages of Maturity

Our Implementation model, called E3A (Explore, Engage, Expand, Accelerate) consists of an engagement framework that enables flexibility in the pace and scope of transformation