GALE: Grow | Adapt | Learn | Engage

Change is Inevitable.
Growth is Deliberate.

A transformative platform that enables the convergence and alignment of individual talent and aspirations to the vision of the organization, creating a vortex of change from within that expands outwards. GALE enables talent within your organization own their own growth and create value by contributing individually and together to the vision of the organization, building a place of learning, innovation, and collaboration

GALE is a true partner in that it seamlessly fits in to the needs of your organization, yet creating a truly unique experience to those who use it


The platform helps your organisation grow and learn by catering to individuals and the collective.

GALE helps your talent identify their strengths and improvement areas based on Greyamp’s Competency model. It also allows for each individual to align their aspirations to the vision of the organisation, moving beyond the boundaries of traditional jobs into the flexibility of digital roles


GALE provides a self-driven approach to 360° feedback that links back to our Competency Model, driving growth. It allows individual goals to be linked to larger goals of the organisation.

From a business side, the platform also integrates business metrics enabling the organisation to respond continuously to change. GALE grows with your organisation, as it moves towards the flexibility of networked organisations.


Building a learning organisation that innovates for customers is easier said than done. GALE helps identify strategic areas of focus for the organisation in an easy to consume format.

To better channelise your talent’s development efforts, GALE allows for linking to context-sensitive learning channels to drive cross-functional knowledge, while catering to individual learning styles. It provides visibility on talent within your organisation for better opportunity-matching as well!


Recommendations, gamification, and predictive analytics are some of the other cool things under the hood of GALE that not only allow you to keep your talent engaged, but also helps you identify, motivate, and recognise their contribution.
The platform also helps individuals find their niche within the organisation, and adapt to change when change happens.